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Our visit to Alpamare Scarborough

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Alpamare is about 25 minutes drive from Kittiwake & Firefly Cottages Filey We have often looked at visiting, but never actually got around to booking, to be honest one reason was I thought the prices were a bit steep to 'go swimming'. However this weekend we took the plunge - pardon the pun and went as a family.

Wow we weren't disappointed. The sessions are 3 hours long and so we booked for the first slot of the day at 10am. The parking outside Alpamare isn't free so do take change for the parking.

On arrival we were given coloured wrist bands that activated the no scrabbling around for pound coins or clunky keys on wrists! The changing rooms were beautifully clean, well laid out and were communal so great for families with little ones, or single parents.

After leaving changing rooms we headed through onto the pool side, passing a cafe serving food and drinks. The pool itself is surrounded by sun loungers, so lovely if you just want to relax and watch others have fun.

The first pool we walked past was the splash pool area, great for little and big alike, overhead buckets filled with water and splashed down and jets came up from the ground in fountain effects, there were also small slides for younger children to enjoy.

Next we saw the large wave pool that started from very shallow so you could sit in it, and gradually got deeper, allowing everyone to enjoy the fun.

We walked passed that pool towards the 4 slides that are available to use. The first slide we went on - the blue one, involved a big yellow inflatable suitable for up to 4 people - think of 5 dots on a dice, everyones bum was in the four corner dots and then all feet were in the centre dot. This inflatable could be used for just 2 or 3 people as well.

The down side of this slide was that you had to get the large inflatable up several flights of stairs as the ride goes from the highest point of the building - so ensure you have some upper body strength - we found that putting it above our heads was the quickest and easiest way of getting it up the stairs.

When we got to the top green light told us when we could go down...and wow what a surprise we got when we went down, fabulous twisting, turning, up and down...not sure which was best, going backwards so you couldn't see what was coming or going forwards to see what was ahead! Our kids loved this ride and we went on it about 5 times in quick succession.

The next slide we experienced was also at the top, but was a green slide, it involved a green rubber ring for two people - one sitting behind the other. This was a fast slide and it didn't disappoint. The slide was extremely fast with twists and turns, the slalom of pool slides!

The third slide - the pink one, involved lying on your front on a foam mat, not as high as the first 2 slides so less stairs to climb! This was great fun and we all enjoyed it.

The final slide was the purple dark one, in which you lay on your back, and went down in complete darkness, except a few twinkling lights part way down, so you couldn't actually see what was happening, but it wasn't too scary even for the children.

After we had participated in a good hour of sliding, us parents needed a little rest so we decided to try one of the outdoor pools. Now it was April and not the warmest of days, in fact it was very chilly, running across a patio area in a costume, was a little chilly, but boy was it worth it. The infinity pool was heaven! Lovely, hot tub style heat water, first overlooking a lovely grassed area with palm trees, then out to sea.

Over the other side of the pool, jets would frequently bubble up, jacuzzi style, under a tiled sort of reclining area, so you could lay back and experience the bubbles in comfort.

The coolness of the air on your face was perfect in contrast to the warmth of the water.

Around the pool, was an ice cream parlour and bar - which were closed probably due to the time of year. There were also lots of picnic tables to sit on - for warmer times. But the cafe sold a very good selection of cakes, coffee, alcoholic drinks, ice creams and various sandwiches and hot food so we popped to the cafe in our costumes to have some coffee, ice cream and cake.

After our refreshments we ventured into the garden pool - again outside, but this pool accessed from the main no getting cold. This pool again, lovely and warm with little seating areas if you wanted to sit and lounge around, but a lovely depth to stay lovely and warm whilst standing up. You were able to take drinks in the area and there were several adults enjoying a cool beer whilst soaking up the atmosphere.

After more goes on slides, it was times to leave. Male and female showers were available enabling us to shower and wash hair before getting dressed, again everything was spotlessly clean. The changing rooms had numerous free hairdryers to use, and mirrors for little people as well as taller people.

When we bought tickets I honestly didn't think we would spend the whole 3 hours there. Boy was I wrong, we would have stayed longer if we could, what a fantastic place to go to. Do I think its expensive now, no I don't. Would we go again? Yes we certainly would. This is way more than just 'swimming' this was quality family, fun and relaxing time all rolled into one that we all enjoyed.

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