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Opening times and swim ratios for the swimming pool and Gym at The Bay Filey

We thought we would update the opening times and details of the Swimming Pool and leisure facilities at The Bay Filey for our guests.

As of October 2023 you do not need to book for the swimming pool at the Bay. Instead it's a turn up and swim procedure. However please be aware that the pool is closed between 1 and 2pm so ensure that you avoid these times.

To access the facilities at the Bay, guests should also take their leisure passes with them, which are left on the hall shelf in Firefly Cottage and the dining room unit in Kittiwake Cottage.

Please ensure that you return these after your visit to the leisure facilities for Cottages at the Bays future guests to use.

Swimming Pool Opening times at The Bay Filey:

Monday - Sunday:

Adult only swim: 8:30am - 9:30am

Activities in pool: 1pm - 2pm (pool closed for other guests)

General swim: 9:30am - 1pm / 2pm - 6pm

Swim Ratios at The Bay Filey

When visiting the pool children up to 3 years old must be accompanied by a responsible person on a one to one basis.

Up to two children aged 4-7 years need to be accompanied by a responsible person so a 2:1 Ratio.

Children over 8 years of age can use the pool independently as long as they are competent swimmers, ie can swim unaided for 25m or more.

Sauna and Steam Room opening times at The Bay Filey

The Sauna and Steam Room opens everyday from 8.30am - 6pm. Again guests will need the leisure pass to use these facilities.

Gym Opening times at The Bay Filey

The Gym has a range of equipment to use including free weights, weight machines and cardio equipment such as running machines and rowers. People over the age of 16 are allowed to use the Gym. Situated at the leisure reception at the Bay, guests will need their leisure pass to access the facility.

Its open from 8.30 - 8pm Monday to Saturday and 8.30am - 6pm on a Sunday

Tennis Courts at the Bay Filey

Tennis courts are open all day and can be booked at the leisure reception. or through this link: Booking Activities at The Bay Filey Equipment can also be hired if required.

Other activities at The Bay Filey

Other activities can be found on The Bay Filey Website - Click Here They can be booked 3 weeks prior to staying with us. Please note charges will apply to these other activities.

To check out our availability to stay in one of our cottages please visit our website

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